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I’ll be attending San Diego Comic-Con this year as a “professional” (hey, I have a history and a back log of work even if my creative output has been a trickle lately). I’ve not been to the San Diego Comic-Con since 2004(05?). When I last went it was a fun excursion with friends and family. We hit the con, ate at Ruth Chris, toured the local pirate ship, shopped, etc. I was at the peak of my Angst Technology years and SDCC seemed to be THE place to be for web cartoonists who were starting to make waves in the comics industry. I finally got to meet many of the online personalities I had grown to know and love and got to meet many new wonderful people.

2012 though? I am attending with a mix of excitement and trepidation. My daughter and I watched SDCC 2011 coverage on the SyFy channel last year and I gotta say … HOLY CRAP does it look intimidating now. I was lucky enough to get a ticket this year, but after I got my ticket I asked around and it seems as if SDCC is just “too big” now for many of the independent artists I would expect to hang out with at a convention. It seems to be more of a trade show now, than a collective of comic and pop culture grognards.

But this year I’ll be taking backup. My family. I wasn’t able to get tickets for all, but my oldest should be able to go in with me. We have Legoland tickets as a backup and I have a few other extracurricular activities planned (Patton Owsalt anyone?). So, they can soak in the sun and the Legoy goodness while I wallow in my geekyness and post pics of my con adventures. While I am concerned about the crowds, I do have a few items on my “SDCC 2 DO” list:

  • Try out a Cintiq 24HD
  • Meet a few of my favorite artists
  • Stop by the Sideshow Collectibles booth
  • Visit the Funimation gang and say “Hi”
  • Buy a LOT of art books
  • See the Friday Firefly panel (crowds permitting)

All in all, it is with a mixture of exhilaration (both cheer and fear) I go to the SDCC this year. Not a big fan of crowds, I am however more comfortable in a nerd herd than with other large groups.

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