Adobe Creative Cloud
Art Review

Adobe Creative Cloud: Is It Worth It?

I subscribed to Adobe Creative Cloud in 2014 and here is my experience with the CC serviceĀ for the past year. A few years ago, the digital art world was upended in turmoil. Pitchforks and torches were handed out, and an
Movies Review

Ant-Man: Mission Ant-possible

A friend asked me to prove my nerd cred and tell him: why is Ant-Man cool? What is the benefit of being so small? I told him that not only can you be small (and absolutely defy the laws of
The Martian
Books Review

The Martian

What would you do if you were stranded on Mars after a manned mission was aborted, causing your team to leave you for dead? Me? I know that I would likely die just during Earth launch from loss of all
The Avengers
Movies Review

The Avengers – Awesome Assemble!

Ok, that takes care of my review. Short, sweet and pretty much echoes every other review out there in the world. I planned on doing a longer review for the Avengers, but really, what more is there to be said
The First Avenger
Movies Review

Captain America: The First Avenger

What happens when they make a movie featuring your favorite comic book hero? Why you pick it apart on the Internet, of course. Being a lifelong Captain America fan, this movie had a lot of expectations to live up to,

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