Holiday Shopping Guide For Geeks

Holiday Shopping Guide For Geeks

You’re a geek. You married a geek. You have geek friends. You’re about to give birth to a geek. Your parents are geeks. Your dog is a geek. Your cats are … well, cats. Face it, geeks are EVERYWHERE! We all have at least one thing we geek out over, so even if you aren’t a geek, you likely know someone who is.

With the gift-giving holidays fast approaching, NOW is the time to get those fun, nerdy, geek related gifts before they become the “must have holiday item” and are sold out. Pick out a few sure-fire hits from this gift list and get your shopping done early! Or wait until the last minute and give ‘em a New Year gift. Or hell, just keep ‘em for yourself! *shhhh* I won’t tell. 😉

What kind of geek are you buying for?

Toy Geek
Superhero Geek
YouTube Geek
Book Geek
Board Game Geek
Robot Geek
Geek Of Unknown Origin
Picky Geek


Gifts for the Toy Geek

Where does he get those wonderful toys? Well, right here! Damn, we geeks love toys! From the littlest geek to the biggest man-child, we all want something fun from Santa under the tree. Drop any of these fun-filled frivolities on your favorite geek and you will forever be on their “nice” list.

Yoga Joes Lego Fishing Shack RC Car Brick Loot Nerf Bow
YO-ga JOES! Stretching is half the battle with these little guys. What could be more relaxing than a fishing trip? Sitting down and assembling your own little rustic fishing store. Need some more zoom-zoom? Then the classic RC car is a sure-fire hit. For the gift that literally keeps on giving, a monthly Brick Crate subscription brings toys to the door year round. And if the perfect gift is your aim, then pick ‘em up a Dude Perfect Nerf Bow. And now you know!


Gifts for the Superhero Geek

Who’s your hero? And who’s hero is that hero’s .. hero? Uh … the point is, do you know a geek who likes superheroes!? From the littlest Groot to a life-sized Captain America shield, get your special someone something to help them let their geek flag fly! For play or display, these heroic goodies are perfect for the hero in your life.

Groot Deadpool Sphero Spider-Man Life Size Shield Green Lantern
Funko Pops are a staple of geek collecting. From Groot there to just about ANY character you can think of, there’s a Pop for them. Deadpool is always a fan favorite and what superhero fan doesn’t love an adorable little Spider-Man? And whooo hoo nelly! Get your geek a lifesized shield from Winter Soldier and watch the sparks fly (both love “sparks” and from him throwing it against stull all the time). Or wrap up a classic Hal Jordan ‘Green Lantern’ and bask in the warm green glow of his power ring.


Gifts for the YouTube Geek

Got a YouTuber in your life (as in someone who posts on YouTube … not, like, a personalized root vegetable). Perhaps they vlog, or game, or post funny skits. Drop a few of these goodies on your favorite Tuber (again, the people, not the potato) and watch them Like and Subscribe to you with endless gratitude.

Mobile Camera Lens Studio Lights Green Screen Logitech Webcam Blue Yeti Microphone
These are most of the items I have bought myself for my YouTube channel and I can heartily recommend them all. Clip the mobile camera lens on your iPhone and boost the professionalism of your videos. Toss in a few studio lights and a green screen and you’re ready for Twitch streaming (or for hiding your dirty room). The HD Logitech webcam is a staple of desktop recording. And the Blue Yeti is an absolutely amazing USB powered condenser mic, perfect for making your audio stand out from the crowd.


Gifts for the Book Geek

Ahh, curled up in a big squashy chair, wrapped in a blanket, with a steaming mug of hot cocoa and a good book. Is that the book geek you are shopping for? OH HELL NAW! A real book geek is reading on the concrete bus bench, while sleeping, on the toilet, sprawled out on a sidewalk, at the club, at a diner, under the covers with a flashlight and ruining their eyesight. They just. Can’t. Stop! These are gifts you can get the uber book nerd who devours books and spits them out like Pez.

Magic 2.0 The Gray Man Monster Hunter Hounded Born Standing Up
You can’t go wrong with a bit of humorous sci-fi fantasy with “I’m Off To Be The Wizzard (Magic 2.0)” by Scott Meyer. If your geeks are the manly man type who crave action and adventure, then look no further than the mysterious and deadly “The Gray Man” by Mark Greaney. And for whole can of monster whoop ass, you need to get the explosive “Monster Hunter International” by Larry Correia. If your geek likes Harry Dresden and the Dresden Files, then “Hounded” is absolutely right up their alley. And finally, if your geek enjoys comedy (as most geeks do) then there’s nothing better than hearing the life story of the master himself, Steve Martin’s “Born Standing Up“.


Gifts for the Board Game Geek

Who doesn’t love sitting down with friends and having a rousing game of … ANYTHING! It’s fun to hang out with the gang and laugh yourselves silly. If there’s one thing board game geeks love is the social aspect of dominating and destroying their friends … in a fun and casual setting! Got a game geek on your list? Then set them up with these gifts and let the fun begin!
*overly competitive spirit sold separately.

Exploding Kittens (NSFW) Watch Ya Mouth Munchkin D & D Starter Set What Do You Meme?
If you and your geeky friends can handle a bit of NSFW fun, pick up the NSFW edition of Exploding Kittens. For absolutely guaranteed hilarity, Watch Ya Mouth will literally have you grinning from ear to ear, whether you want to or not. Pick up a new classic like Munchkin for non-stop fun and you can never for wrong with an old classic like Dungeons and Dragons. And for those in the know, What Do You Meme? will have you giving answers that would make Confession Bear blush.


Gifts for the Robot Geek

Do you know a robot geek? I mean a geek who’s into robots, not a mechanical, laser shooting, robot. But if you DO know a real live robot, let me know! That’d be rad! But for your regular carbon based robot geeks, check these goodies out.

BB-8 Cozmo Drone Lego Robotics Ozo Bot
Your very own BB-8? Oh, hells yeah! And if you’re looking for a pocket-sized version of Wall-E and Eve’s love child, then Cozmo is the interactive robot for you. For the discerning geek with their eye on the sky, get then this fantastic and easy to use drone. Lego robot is ready to be built and commanded to destroy a city (a very teeny, tiny city … also made of Lego, I assume) and Ozo Bot can be programmed so many ways (could you even program him to … love?)


Gifts for the Geek of Unknown Origin

So, you have a geek in your life, but you don’t know exactly what breed. These GOUO can be hard to shop for, so here are a few simple, all around geeky suggestions, that touch upon the very foundations of geek culture.

Funko Pop Tardis Star Trek Phaser Harry Potter Coins R2-D2 Pickle Rick
This Funko Pop Tardis is just the right size for desktop display. Who doesn’t want a classic TOS era phaser to run around with? Set phasers for phun! Get the Potterhead in your life a set of actual coins from Gringott’s Bank.  An app controlled R2-D2 is sure to light up any geeks eyes while a Pickle Rick is sure to snap them back to the harsh reality of cartoon life.


Gifts for the Picky Geek

If you have a picky geek in your social circle, then watch out! They are a wily bunch and are likely to view your vintage season one 1988 Galoob Worf action figure with less enthusiasm than the fully articulated season seven Diamond Select Worf with phaser rifle that they really wanted. If that’s the case then let them pick their own gifts with the magic of gift cards! All the holiday love with none of the returns!

Sideshow Gift Card Amazon Gift Card Audible Gift Card

Follow along with this handy gift-giving guide for the geek in your life and you’ll be sure to pick just the right, special and unique gift that they’ll love. Remember, the way to a geek’s heart is through their shared interest in pop-culture.

Or by using a Bat’leth. But that’s a whole ‘nother guide.

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